Friday, September 3, 2010

2006 Minervois la Livinière


2006 Château Cesseras Rouge, AC Minervois La Livinière

I have these wines that I have attachments to, more often than not, irrationally. But all love is irrational, and so is my infatuation with Cesseras. I drank my first vintage many years ago, when I first began really wrapping my head around southern French wines. And I loved them, all rich and modern-styled, unyielding black and jammy. It was also the first wine that I began putting away in earnest. I haven't seen recent vintages being released these past few years, so it was wonderful to see a 2006 - the last two vintages I drank were the 2002 and 2003.

I double decanted, slightly chilled, and got ready to drink. It has this dark, shimmering purple colour, with a bouquet to match - all pruney, dehydrated fruit, searing alcohol. Clipped finish, slightly bitter on the palate. Yeah, I don't know if this wine is meant for early, mid-term drinking . . . I'm savaging this wine a bit, but it's just not representative of what the Languedoc can achieve. My goodness.

But I still love Cesseras.


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