Thursday, September 23, 2010


Shaoxing wine

Chinese cuisine does not have many famous food/wine pairings, but this one is sacred - crab and Shaoxing wine. I love this wine, I love crab, and thousands of years of tradition must mean something. Crab has a cooling effect to the body - the wine has a warming energy, balancing everything out. You warm it slightly with indirect heat, and as you can see here, I enjoy it in bowlfuls. Delicious as can be - the sweetness of the crab pairs beautifully with the slightly oxidative quality of the wine.

This particular bottle, 古越龙山, was one I bought back from Shanghai. Sort of a connoisseur's wine, it's slightly sweet, with lovely balancing acidity, and a very round palate. It's almost a shame to warm it, as it emphasizes the oxidative flavours that characterize Shaoxing wine, but this is a very, very good wine. This producer makes bottlings of various ages - this particular wine is aged 5 years, the most humble example for a humble drinker.

You're missing out greatly if you've never experienced crab and Shaoxing wine. As I said, a sacred relationship.


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