Thursday, September 30, 2010

By bottle or glass?


My friend polled everyone at dinner a few weekends ago about how they drank beer. He wanted to know if we preferred drinking our beers out of the bottle, or in a glass. Apparently, he had a revelation while he was on vacation in Beijing, where the proprietor of a restaurant he was patronizing convinced him that drinking the piss water on the menu out of glass was a mark of connoisseurship. Nice. Alas, his argument would have been stronger were he not serving this kind of garbage. Now, if there was something like a Sgt. Major IPA or at least a Guinness on the table . . .

My guy KZ put it nicely when he said that only men who drink with erect pinkies drink beer out of a glass. I like that a lot . . . I'm going to steal that one.


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