Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Blue crab

Fearsome looking, isn't she?

It's that time of year again - the Chinese are celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival. We had fish, braised pork, greens tonight. Not much going on, as it's the middle of the week, and everyone knows that Wednesday is the most depressing day ever. In honour of Shanghainese tradition, I want to talk about blue crab. A different variety of crab is eaten in China (mitten crab for those fortunate enough to be in Zhejiang province), but the spirit remains the same. Simply steamed live, and paired with its soulmate, a warm bowlful of Shaoxing wine. More later, on how we eat our crab, and what we eat it with.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!



  1. As always, I enjoy your blog entries on food and wine adventures. What is Shaoxing wine like?

    Also, I find that Tuesday is the toughest day of the week. Monday's rested enthusiasm and optimism are worn down and the reality of the week's workload sets in. Wednesdays are easier for me now, I guess... oh and Fridays are the best because all of us in the office end up getting into balloon and rubber band fights. We are geeks.

  2. Shaoxing wine is a treasure . . . sort of like an oxidized, almost sherry-like rice wine, but with a touch of sweetness and tart acidity. Unfortunately it's not imported here, so the only way I can get it is to beg any relatives coming over to bring a few bottles or to smuggle some in when I go to Shanghai.

    You guys are fun!