Thursday, September 16, 2010

In magnum


Something I've always wanted to add to my cellar is large-format bottles. I know there are a few Niagara producers who bottle in large-format - I'll figure out for sure on my next trip. LCBO came out with a sale on 2005 Bordeaux in large-format. Most are priced out of all sense and reason, but I found a relative value - a magnum of Lafon-Rochet 2005. Fun. Last tasted the 2007 at the UGC Bordeaux tasting, and was very impressed with this estate. Looking forward to drinking this in 15-20, with fingers crossed tight that it's not corked.

So, why large-format bottles? Well, the winos say that because they contain more wine, the oxygen to wine ratio is much smaller - and since less oxygen contact means slower aging, magnums are said to yield finer, more elegant, and long-living wines. So they say. I just think it's so badass to thump a gigantic bottle on the table when you have your friends over in dinner. In 15-20, mes amis.


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