Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post No. 1901

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Oh boy. Nineteen hundred pieces later, and I'm no closer to gaining an understanding of wine as when I began.

I never know quite what to write for these retrospective pieces. The writing has certainly been prolific - no one writes so many in such a short period of time - the question is, is any of it meaningful? Who knows. Since this is a retrospective, I've got to . . . I guess reflect a bit. Certainly after the events of the past few weeks, I should be looking at what exactly I'm trying to accomplish here.

I've been hearing it from all ends, from everyone, everywhere - but I just don't understand the interest in why I remain single. Is it so hard to comprehend that I don't want to commit to any random girl that flashes a smile? No, right? And the fact that, yeah, maybe the idea of a serious relationship is completely unappealing to me now? I guess I just don't have many good role models. I've seen too many of my friends being owned by their girls to the point of, yes, servitude, and no thanks, I'm not hankering to be anyone's bitch. So there you go, DF is single because he refuses to settle.

Moving on, please. Next time I hear someone ask me about it, I'm going to lose it.

Heading into fall - apparently the Niagara harvest has begun already. It's certainly been a hot, relatively dry summer . . . dreams of 2007 again? We'll see, around October, on my next fact finding trip down.

I guess I'm just a sucker for a good wine and pretty women.


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