Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1995 Mosel



1995 P.S. Bäumler Becker-Erben Riesling Auslese, QmP Wehlener Sonnenuhr

Back to what I love so much - Mosel. I have a bit of experience with this wine. I drank a bottle last year, and the intention was to hold onto my remaining ones for a while longer, but alas, the siren call of mature riesling shattered that idea. I dropped the bottle in an ice bath a few hours before dinner, because I knew that this producer still hand-glued their labels, which would cleanly slide off with water - I take a perverse delight in drinking out of label-less bottles. If only I could convince my buddies in Niagara to sell me their wines without the label . . . how fun would that make my dinners?!!

I love this wine. Infinitely sad and depressing to hear that they are closing, because the younger generation of the family has little interest in continuing the legacy. Sigh. It was just slightly chilled as I was serving it, with a bright golden colour, all shiny and saturated. Bouquet is extraordinary, booming with rich cream and petrol, musky minerality and stewed apples. The epitome of what riesling can achieve with bottle age, forceful and vigorous, with more fruit showing on the palate. Refined sweetness, elegant, but the acidity is a bit tired. Finishes long and minerally, a passionate kiss of mature auslesen sensuality. Shivering just thinking about it.