Saturday, October 2, 2010

2007 Chinon


2007 Couly-Dutheil La Coulée Automnale, AC Chinon

I like this producer very much. We see too little Chinon here in Toronto - the reasons are obvious, no? It's sad that rustic, honest, terroir-expressive wines can't find a market, because people would much rather drink any cheap bulk South American plonk. These, of course, being the same people that self-righteously proclaim themselves as having taste, ignorant to the fact that latching onto the latest wine trends is indeed great insecurity. Yes, to all the idiots who talk of Fuzion malbec as the best wine ever produced (how dare you dismiss a sub-$8 wine!!), apologies, but your palate must be located in your ass.


I like Couly-Dutheil. This, I suppose, is the most humble cuvée they produce - 100% cabernet franc, aged all in stainless steel. Nice red colour, with that unmistakable cabernet franc bouquet of vegetal red fruits. Fine tannins, round and pure, a good simple wine.


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