Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2007 Twenty Mile Bench


2007 Flat Rock Cellars Riddled Sparkling, VQA Twenty Mile Bench

Wow, zomg, a vintage dated Niagara sparkling wine, from who else but Flat Rock?!!!! Bottled under crown cap, this opens softly without drama, the wine pouring fizzy with a fine mousse. Good yeasty citrus on the nose, creamy, and a good approximation of a decent nonvintage Champagne. Palate is rich, with green apple and citrus, round and full, but at this point, the dosage is sticking out like a hernia. Needs time to integrate, but will this be an interesting one in a few years time?

Exciting. I guess I need to make an appointment to head over to Flat Rock and nose around a bit, see what's been going on. A very ambitious project, but one that I think will do well - I've always believed that these chardonnay/pinot noir sparkling wine blends can be successful in Niagara, but the key of course is the viticulture and I think the price. I don't normally comment about wine price, but at about $25, it isn't an inexpensive proposition. You can find an awful lot of delicious crémant and cava wines at under $20, if that is the audience you are going after. Sure, the $20-30 range is still lower than any kind of Champagne, but if you're going after those wines, then your bottle better match up favourably. Maybe bottle age will reveal more complexity, but at this point, it is this wine drinker's opinion that the producer still needs a few more vintages worth of experience to really understand sparkling wine. Hopefully some of those questions will be answered on my next trip.


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