Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2008 Bekaa Valley


2008 Musar Jeune, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Back to Lebanon. You know, for all their claims as being the cradle of wine, how come the only producers we hear coming out of here is Musar? So Lebanon has one global superstar wine estate and a bunch of part-timers?

Anyways, the second wine of Musar, blend of cabernet, cinsault, and syrah. Musar's first label wine is well, kind of rare and expensive, so hopefully I'm able to get an idea of its personality in this wine. I'm looking for a fresh wine, but with that famous Musar structure and backbone. Fascinating to be tasting wines from regions I have virtually no experience with, from cultures I've never encountered. Will I get a sense of what Musar is, what Lebanon is?

I was crushed on the first taste. Candied, confected fruit, cheap smelling, glorified Yellowtail, except at 3 times the cost. Shocking, and if this is people's first impression of Musar, they should be concerned. They make serious wine in Lebanon, don't they?


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