Tuesday, October 26, 2010



This is crab season, have to keep drinking Shaoxing wine, one of the great food/wine pairings of Chinese cuisine. This example, not so great - at least not as great as the story behind its name. 女儿红, or Red Daughter, in reference to the varietal of Shaoxing wine. What my ancestors in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces would do (centuries ago) was bury huge earthen jars of this wine upon the birth of their daughters. The plan was to unearth the jars to drink at their marriage - thus giving birth to its name (red is an auspicious colour in Chinese tradition).

This particular wine, aged 8 years, is awful. So awful I don't even want to find out exactly who produces it. Obvious signs of a heavy syrup used in its production, skanky in flavour and aroma. Took a sip and used the rest for cooking.


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