Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bottled under what?!


Hey, did you know that Flat Rock Cellars' new wine, a sparkling wine, is bottled under crown cap? Yeah, just like how the vast majority of méthode traditionnelle producers bottle their wines during the aging and riddling process. Very, very interesting, and Flat Rock apparently had to go through a few hurdles before being allowed to use this type of closure. Yes, the provincial fascists in charge of liquor production in Ontario deem it necessary to regulate how producers bottle their own wines.

Like Stelvin closures, this type of cap eliminates any danger of cork failure or TCA, but unfortunately, it does take away the indescribable pleasure and satisfaction of hearing the bottle pop as you open it. Not even a content sigh, just a mute little hiss - at least the wine was delicious. More, later.


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