Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bulldog bum


I loved walking around New York. This was the Lower East Side. Weather was just stunning, perfect temperature and lovely sunshine all weekend. So many people walking their dogs. I just want to pet your fat furry bum.

Right, the drive down. It was as horrendous as I had imagined. We left in the middle of the night Thursday, with the plan being to arrive in the city mid-morning. Didn't turn out that way because someone was being childish and insisted on stopping multiple times to find fast food restaurants. Idiot. The highlight of the drive? Besides me almost falling asleep and drifting across the lanes? Passing through Scranton, Pennsylvania, and giggling at the signs for the coal mine tour and the Anthracite Museum. Don't get it? Too bad.

We made it alive though, and intact. Coming next - the food!


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