Friday, October 15, 2010

Eating at The Place Restaurant

The Place Restaurant

Dinner the first evening was like a treasure hunt. Fresh off the utter nut-dragger that was the United Nations, I was famished. And when I get hungry, the only words I can manage are BEEF. RARE!!!

We wandered to the Village, where I spotted this quaint, charming little place - and of course, it was called The Place Restaurant. Cozy little spot, nicely decorated, very Mediterranean feel. Food was good, not spectacular. Let me explain why.

Sharing appetizers, we began with an endive and chicory salad, fresh but unfortunately blandly dressed. The wild mushrooms were nice, although you couldn't distinguish which types of (presumably) wild mushrooms were in the dish. I devoured my hanger steak, slightly charred, dry on the inside. Served with spinach and nice potatoes. We also had a pan seared Atlantic cod (overcooked to a crisp), and duck breast, a bit too firm. Ordered an American beer for dinner. But I'm sounding like we didn't enjoy the meal - we did, but execution could have been better. We were eating quite early though. Great atmosphere, attentive staff - certainly a charming little restaurant that cooks good, not great bistro food.


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