Sunday, October 31, 2010

Loop and pull


I love bow ties. Sadly, there aren't many occasions to wear one, without looking like a completely affected jackass. But I still love bow ties. From Brooks Brothers. I don't have a label I fixate one for neckwear, but I usually avoid Brooks Brothers. Don't like rep ties, I'm not American, not WASP, not the son of a senator. But the way they craft the neck size on this example is very interesting. Bow ties come with adjustable lengths, for different neck sizes. I'm kind of in an awkward place about 14 and 3/4 but this one actually accommodates that. They use a hook that faces in, and increments of 1/4 - you can adjust the tie length anywhere from 13 to 18, I believe. Very interesting - I have bow ties which use buttons for adjusting, but this hook is more accurate.

Now. I need an occasion to wear it. Anyone getting married soon?


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