Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A weekend in New York


Back from a weekend in New York City, all smokers, sirens and scaffolding. New York was, surprisingly, life changing. Culinary-wise, of course, it's not I came back a Hindu. Due to (foreseen) circumstances, I wasn't able to explore the wine scene and restaurants as much as planned, but the ones I went to were mind blowing. Like, I was hyperventilating and gesticulating wildly out my seat kind of mind blowing. Pure pleasure in my mouth.

The rest of the time? Spent in tourist purgatory, just horrible, horrible. Does New York have to be synonymous with shopping? I walked around 5th Ave. in black jeans and converse, what makes these guys think that I would consider a (beautiful) $1900 overcoat? But I did get some fun little old man things. Leather slippers, cuff links . . . old man stuff.

Will elaborate later, the highlight being our meals. Oh, and the wine. I drank like it was free.


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