Monday, November 29, 2010

2005 Barolo Bussia

2005 Poderi Colla Barolo

2005 Poderi Colla Dardi Le Rose Bussia, DOCG Barolo

Experiencing and exploring a new wine region draws similarities to dating a new girlfriend. Exciting, intoxicating, a little confusing . . . but the payoff at night is mind-blowing. And Barolo blows my mind.

From the Dardi Le Rose vineyard within the cru of Bussia, I'm in total love with these wines. They stimulate the intellect in all the right ways, and are as fascinating, complex, and hauntingly beautiful as any Burgundy can be. Yes, when the Italians get it right, they get it real right. All the lovely intense aromatics I want in a Barolo, earthy and pure. Tight, but not as compacted as the 2005 Marziano Abona I drank a few weeks ago. So linear, so balanced, so much character.


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