Saturday, November 13, 2010

2007 Vouvray

2007 Domaine de Vaugondy

2007 Domaine de Vaugondy Ph. Perdriaux, AC Vouvray

Chenin blanc is strange. A bit overrated, no? Everyone who fancies themself a wine drinker talks about how great it is, how versatile (look, it's as good as a dry wine as it is a sweet wine as it is sparkling!), how you cannot possibly have any taste if you don't appreciate it. I don't share the same enthusiasm. At least it's inexpensive. Dry vouvray under $25 is pretty much interchangeable with Muscadet, Alsace, pretty much any other nondescript, acidic French white. On par with riesling? You're out of your pea-sized mind.

Not a bad wine, certainly. But thin, acidic, lacking in character. Makes a beautiful cooking wine though.


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