Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Albacore Tuna

I don't have these strange cravings for sashimi . . . I've been to Tokyo enough times that I'm comfortable enough to say no to raw fish. Because that's exactly what it is - sashimi is rarely satisfying, and as interesting as the fish might be, what's the point if I have to go out for udon as soon as I leave the restaurant?

Now, after all that . . . it is rare to see a beautiful piece of albacore tuna being offered at my fishmonger's. Slightly frozen, thinly sliced, just a touch of the most amazing fresh wasabi, and a delicate, savoury soy sauce - yes, I'll make an exception. Buttery and creamy flavour, exquisite texture, oh yes, tuna is like no other. Enjoyed with a few glasses of Ontario riesling.


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