Saturday, November 6, 2010

Four eyes

Brooks Brothers

I'm going to wear glasses again. Was about to give up on finding frames that were proper to my face, but Brooks Brothers came through for me again. I don't know exactly why I like them so much - I guess that's why glasses are so hard to get right. Designers can try to convince you all they want about what you should be wearing, but more often than not, your face should be the one deciding. Having worn glasses since I was 8, I've kind of figured out what works for me. And of course, like that tie, like that shirt, like that suit . . . it just needs to feel right when you put it on.

My guy's working on it. I'm having Nikon lens made - they're thinner than other lenses, so I'm comforted by the fact that I won't look too much like a nerd. Not too much.



  1. BUT YOU ARE A NERD. NEEEEERD. my frames don't even -have- glass. that's how to be cool.

  2. haha, watch it, watch it..............but then again, girls totally are into nerds.