Tuesday, November 2, 2010


United Nations

You know, lost amidst all the foie gras and red Burgundy and fried cuttlefish, I failed to mention that I had spent an entire extended weekend in America. And I found Americans to be delightful. Despite what I was expecting, the Americans I met were nothing but polite, kind, and pleasant. No way will you receive the same reception in Shanghai. Not that my people are pricks . . . at least not on purpose.

I think I kind of like Americans now. My father, at dinner, tirades every night about how evil Americans are because of their constant pressure to the Chinese to revalue the RMB. Not that it has anything to do with him. Not that he at all understands the actual issue at hand - not when he thinks of Chinese gossip forums as sources of legitimate news. And he mocks me for reading the New York Times everyday. Right. Listen, I'm as big of a Chinaman as you'll find, but you have to get your news from multiple sources to really understand the issue. An important lesson I learned from one of my 4th year Economics professors. The news is only as complete as what the editor wants printed, and it's delusional to think that any one source presents an accurate picture.

Exciting things coming up, planning another trip up to Niagara - let's see how the 2009's are doing, and check up on teh fledgling 2010 vintage.


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