Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post No. 2001

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Yes, at 2000 posts.

It's like I'm trapped in a speeding car with shot brakes. It's beginning to snow outside, end of the year coming very, very soon. And with it, the usual worry lines about whether I'll have enough wine to drink over the holidays. Every year, I try to drink more wine than I did before. Looking at how much wine I have at home, I won't have enough to beat 2009's mark. Budgeting? Not a chance.

You know when you look back at your writing from years ago, that feeling of stupidity about it all? Last night, I looked back at my pieces from 2007, 2008 . . . sheer stupidity. The writing was so clumsy, so vapid, so boring. Most of it was due to this utter idiocy of trying to write 100 posts a month - the other reasons, too arrogant to admit. But I'm working on it.

Always on the search for new ways to write about wine, on new ways to experience and taste it. A highlight of the past 2000 has definitely been my trips to Niagara - please look on the left, and click on the Niagara tags. Another highlight, the tastings I've attended. Learning and absorbing as much information as I can, to continue developing my understanding of wine and cuisine, and being able to communicate my experiences - that's the focus of my next thousand.

And now . . . let us drink.


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