Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1999 Brut Champagne


1999 Pol Roger Extra Cuvée De Réserve Brut, AC Champagne

Oh, how I've been waiting for this wine. I don't believe in big house labels in Champagne, but I do love Pol Roger. I always try to pick up a bottle of each vintage on release - the 1999's were released 2 years ago. This particular wine was bought on December 4, 2008. A long time, for someone who's never had a proper cellar to work with. Time to pull out a bottle.

Cork comes out with a hiss that absolutely tickles the ear. Pale gold in colour, very bubbly. Tulip glasses are the way to go. Immediate impressions: austere and tight, showing much more personality on the palate. With air, time . . . oh yes, the pedigree of a proper vintage Champagne begins to glow. Nutty, toasty, a slight coffee note, all following on the palate. This is such a tightly-wound, young, and hard wine to drink now. Mineral and even slightly green in tone. A noble wine, but clearly needs another decade, if not longer.


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