Saturday, December 25, 2010

2001 Barolo Riserva


2001 Gemma Giblin Riserva, DOCG Barolo

I've been focusing on 2005 Barolo these past few weeks - we've been seeing more of this vintage, firstly, and secondly, as drinking Barolo goes, approachability is key when you don't have any in the cellar. A great find, great price - Barolo with a slight bit of bottle age to it. I'm seriously reconsidering selling off all the Bordeaux in my cellar and replacing it with Barolo. No less noble, no less ageable, with no undue speculative pricing attached - when the Italians get it right, they get it real right.

This wine was reviewed as being an example of a more modern style of Barolo. It touches new French oak for a few months, before transferring to traditional Slovenian oak casks. But this wine is so perfectly an expression of Barolo, so enlightening an experience that I was stunned speechless during dinner. Elegant, viscous earth and mushrooms, so aromatic. Fine on the palate, spicy finish, with great intensity and energy. A fine wine indeed - starting to develop beautifully. I really ned to be putting these wines into the cellar.

And that is why wine reviews (at least other people's) cannot be taken as truth. Love live Barolo.


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