Thursday, December 30, 2010

2004 Niagara Peninsula


2004 Lailey Vineyard Wismer Vineyard Pinot Noir, VQA Niagara Peninsula

You see how much I'm enjoying this wine? I was in bliss all night, just oohing and aahing over this wine. Another bottle that I've been holding for a long time. It was almost providence that I acquired this wine. It was October of last year, during a trip to Lailey during the harvest that I found this treasure. Or rather, Derek found this treasure and was generous enough to part with 5 bottles of it.

Again, no special treatment - just chilled and opened. Some tartaric acid sticking to the wine, exactly what I want to see. Unfiltered and unadulterated wine at its finest. A wonderfully brick red colour, very saturated. The bouquet, just extraordinary. A dream come true. Earthy and rustic, with all the minerality and sour red fruit I want in fine pinot noir. So aromatic, such finesse. Lively on the palate, so fine, so elegant - I'm clearly running out of superlatives. I remarked to a friend, in between greedy sniffs, that this is a great wine, period. Not just a great Niagara wine, a great pinot noir, but simply a great wine.

I still have 4 bottles left. Too bad it's not 4 cases. Congratulations, and thank you Derek.


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