Saturday, December 18, 2010

2005 Barolo Rocche

2005 Aurelio Settimo Rocche Barolo

2005 Aurelio Settimo Rocche, DOCG Barolo

Opened alongside the previous Barolo, this one from the same vintage, but different cru - Rocche of Castiglione. Luminous hue, earthy and quite rustic. Immediately projects a less refined aura compared to the Revello, but showing quite a bit of minerality. Oh, how I live for minerality in a wine - a true sign of greatness, and authentic expression of place. Energetic, linear on the palate, spicy finish. Elegant once it gets into your mouth, with a developed sweetness.

So intoxicating. Between the two Barolos, almost lost my mind. If blanc de blancs Champagnes are referred to as nipple-erectors for your lady guests, Barolos certainly achieve the same effect for gentlemen.


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