Monday, December 13, 2010

2008 Chinon

2008 Vignobles du Paradis Cuvee Signee, Chinon

2008 Vignobles du Paradis Cuvée Signée, AC Chinon

There's a lot of wine that I don't mind drinking young. A shame in some cases, mind you, but not a tragedy. Red Burgundy, right-bank (and increasing left-bank) Bordeaux, German riesling, Champagne . . . wines that I should be more patient with, but alas, poor wine lovers can't be picky ones. Drinking Volnay at 8 years old is akin to vinous statutory rape, but can still be fun . . . oh yes, I just went there.

Chinon, however, is a wine I can't enjoy young. And these aren't expensive wines either. This one, expressing cabernet franc in all its vegetal, herbal glory, is so interesting and intellectual but dammit, I just can't enjoy it. Needs a good 5 years in the bottle to settle down. Like tossing fresh rosemary in the dish just before serving . . . just wrong.


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