Sunday, December 19, 2010

2009 Clare Valley

2009 Pikes Traditionelle Riesling

2009 Pikes Traditionelle Riesling, Clare Valley

I've never cared much for dry riesling. Alsace is great, but they always seem so heavy, so alcoholic, and so clumsy, especially after drinking the German wines. I've been trying to keep an open mind about it. Will I find elegance in an Australian?

Oh, but I did. Balanced, varietal riesling, good character. Not as minerally or extracted as I hoped, but a good reminder of how important the producer's style is. Overdone wines can be made in the best terroirs if not handled delicately . . . but I have a question about minerality. This quality in wine, so difficult to explain, but so tangible. I look for it especially in riesling, but did not find that character in this wine.

Is minerality a product of terroir? Of viticulture? Or of personal style? And can it be clearly defined, as clearly as one would describe a wine as having a bouquet of honeys and apples?


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  1. Pikes has produced some really quality Riesling as well as other varietals. I wish I could find it more often.