Sunday, December 19, 2010

Riedel Vinum

Riedel Vinum

The only thing worse than not having enough stems is having mismatched ones. And of course, I was suffering from both.

I bought a beautiful set of Riedel Vinums two years ago - they've become the stems I trust the most with important wines. But, things happen. Well, idiots happen, and they break your wine glasses. Dinner became a horrible show of mismatched stems on the table - if I invited more than 4 people over, everyone was going to end up drinking out of a different glass. That's a problem.

If I could, I'd dump all the glasses from my early wine drinking days. All of them. Riedel is the only one worth drinking wine out of. For sure, don't believe for a second that you need to match a different stem to each wine. These particular ones, from the Vinum collection, are an example of particularly elegant and fine stemware. And, not tragically expensive should you break one. Building up my collection slowly, but at least I have a proper number now. The goal is to slowly build up to about 60 or so stems - until I have the money or storage space, these will do for now, at least for this year's holiday drinking.

Question. Does the stemware you drink out of influence your perception of a wine? No, I don't mean bouquet, flavour, taste . . . different stems clearly changes the expression of a wine. But will it make you enjoy a wine more or less? Because why else would you be stupid enough to consider buying any glass more than $50, if it doesn't make you enjoy the wine more?


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