Monday, January 3, 2011

A final drink

12.31.2010 - 3

And as fast as it came, so quick did it pass. Dammit, back to reality. Damn it to hell.

Relatively speaking, I had a good holidays. Didn't go on any fabulous trips. Which wouldn't be so bad were it not these past two weeks being a non-stop Facebook pageant of people bragging about where they're going, how excited they are, all this T-x days bullshit (wtf is this, a NASA countdown?), this omg, I can't believe the airport has wifi!! . . .

Bitter, in the season of joy and giving.

But I did get to drink plenty of incredibly rare, expensive wines. Yeah, let me peacock it up a bit, let me have my little moment. Boom, and opened off the new year very well. Got warned, but I was being led on.

Right, the wine. Didn't drink as many red Burgundies as I planned on. One of the bottles, a Nuits-Saint-Georges, was horrifically heat-damaged. If it was just TCA taint, I wouldn't have a problem exchanging another bottle. Heat-damage is a completely different problem, which affects the entire crate of wines. But I did get to drink a lot of Barolo, a lot of Vintage Port, and a fair amount of Champagne. White Burgundy too. Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve dinners were with the family - the host families served wine, but I made the safe choice and guzzled Moosehead and Heineken.

Finishing off the last day of the holidays with the remaining drops of 1997 Warre's Colheita Port I have left, with a few slices of Capola prosciutto.

This here is me and my drinking buddy - we always sit together because we pour for each other, as it's so rude to pour alcohol for yourself. I'm on my 4th beer, and he's about 4/5 into a bottle of Le Piat d'Or . . . the more I drink, the louder I get, but the more he drinks, the more layers he takes off. Did you know that he started off the evening wearing a sweater vest and a cardigan? Good times, good times.


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