Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting all over again...

DF suit

I want to see what the archives on the left will look like with the addition of 2011. Nice.

For the past few days, I've been getting out of bed no earlier than 1pm. It's like I'm reverse cycling, except I'm not 10 months old, and haven't been sober since the 22nd. Our New Year's Eve dinner was unremarkable last night. I planted myself in front of the prosciutto, grabbed a few beers, generally enjoyed myself. The countdown came and went . . . last night's still a bit hazy to me. And now I'm a little depressed. There's nothing quite as exciting as anticipating the holidays, the food you're going to cook, the wines you're going to drink - and then it all passes and you realize you only have 3 days left before you go back. . .

I broke my flash. Very, very upset at myself. But the people at Nikon were really nice, hopefully it'll be covered under warranty. And one of the Burgundies I opened late last night (in my grand new tradition of opening 3 pinot noirs) was horribly heat-damaged. Reeked of melted rubber and oil. Nursing a hangover at the moment, and the thought of it makes me gag a little.

Omg it's 2011.


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