Sunday, February 20, 2011

1994 Vintage Port


1994 Delaforce Vintage Port, DOC Douro

Any chance to taste the 1994's is good. Maybe in hindsight not as fine a vintage as '77 or '85, but these are still very, very young wines. Lots and lots of sediment pouring out of the bottle, a clear indication of the amount of concentration in this wine. Drunk in the middle of winter with some lamb, just delicious. We've talked about this before, no, drinking Vintage Port with dinner?

This is still dark in colour, beautifully lustrous and saturated. The purity of the fruit is stunning, slightly dried in nature but very intense. Minerals and a subtle mocha character flooding out of the glass. Refined palate, focused and balanced, elegant and resolved tannins. Dark chocolate and spice.

Almost makes you not want to share.


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