Wednesday, February 16, 2011



My father is no fun to drink with. No fun at all, so my reaction to his declaration that he could drink me under the table was, well, to laugh. How would such a thing be determined?

With a fiery Chinese spirit, of course.

A true Chinese drink, 五粮液, from the town of 宜宾. As the name suggests, made from 5 different grains. A perfect accompaniment to our Lunar New Year's dinner. Perfumed, floral, rustic, with a sweetness and thick texture on the palate. And despite the (extremely) high alcohol, worked with our seafood heavy hotpot.

As for who won? A 25 year old who casually puts away two bottles of wine per sitting against a sipper who's pushing his late fifties? Please, wtf do you think happened?


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