Friday, February 18, 2011

Le Screwpull


I got a new toy. A true and proper Screwpull. With a little registered ®. My friend ROKChoi says that he never buys gear that doesn't serve to improve his craft. Agreed. So why do I need another corkscrew? Because I love to drink Port and old wine, that's why.

With bottle age, corks degrade and become fragile. So fragile that they crumble when you draw them with a levered corkscrew. What a Screwpull does is gently pull it in a vertical motion, allowing you to draw out even old, wizened corks intact. I'd broken the corks halfway for the last 3 bottles of Vintage Port I've opened. Flecks and cork crumbs, I can deal with. Half an old cork rattling around in the bottle? Unacceptable.

Welcome to the family.


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