Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In wine we trust

DF bowtie

I occasionally have crippling episodes of insecurity/depression. Not often, but when it happens, it's severe enough to knock me out for a few days. I have this vision of myself bobbing around with no direction. So many of my peers apparently have it all figured out, this 40 year life plan that'll allow for early retirement, sports car and cottage. How are you so certain what you want to do with your life? So you're set as an accountant/architect/computer engineer? As if things just settle nicely into the lap.

I don't get along with most people. Especially people in my age group. It's like they following a script, this graduation, corporate job, fancy Christmas parties, kitschy cruises with the significant other . . . I don't identify with that. I'm just the cranky old soul wino I suppose. But a rudderless wino? That leads to the path of an alcoholic.

In vino veritas.



  1. People with plans never get anywhere. Plans never work, you know it cause for one reason or another, sh!t happens. People with plans are just as insecure. No one knows whats going to happen next, you just gotta trust your gut and hope for the best.

    You don't want a plan, even if you get successful what are you going to tell yourself? "Hey, I am rich cause I did what everyone else did?"

    Trust your gut and you can tell people "Fuck yeah! I did this! I did what I felt was right, this success has my name all over it."