Monday, April 25, 2011

2008 Marlborough Pinot Noir


2008 Staete Landt Pinot Noir, Marlborough

Oh look, I haven't drank a New Zealand wine in nearly a full year. And oh look, it's from the same producer. Somehow the name seems South African to me, but the wine sings completely of Marlborough. I was so impressed with the riesling. This bottle, quite expensive, but the Kiwis have certainly not been shy about pricing their pinot noirs, particularly from Otago.

Very pale in colour, a beautifully luminous red. Shows lots of sour red berries, underripe cranberries and strawberries. Fragrant. Some rose petals, spice, a bit of earthiness - I could mistake this for a 2008 Flat Rock pinot noir, both from colour and bouquet. This does show an impressive intensity, an almost churlish turn which follows on the palate. Quite aggressive and extracted acidity. Needs time to settle down a bit, but very intriguing example of a more leaner, racier style of pinot noir.


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