Thursday, April 14, 2011

2008 Pommard Clos Blanc

2008 Machard de Gramont Pommard Clos Blanc 1er Cru

2008 Machard de Gramont Pommard Clos Blanc, AC Pommard 1st Cru

Burgundy is the dream for winos. Simply the most profound wine experiences humans are capable of. These are wines that I'd like to fill my cellar with . . . imagine that, a cellar full of Chablis, Chambolle-Musigny, and Volnay. Oh, and the odd bottle of DRC and Leroy. Winos, above all, are dreamers.

This wine is a selection from the Nokhrin Wines portfolio. I got the opportunity to taste a few of Machard de Gramont wines - they make a very good white Nuits-Saint-Georges as well. Their Pommard Clos Blanc is an interesting wine. I was very happy with the 2006, the wine I drank for New Year's. Very elegant, very delicious, but also very, very young. And this latest vintage? A bit closed, showing some spice, some rose petals on the bouquet. Young red burgundy, which needs a few more years to open up, unwind.

Pommard is incredible, but very challenging to understand. How, how do you possibly taste a young wine at this point, and determine how long you should put it away, how the aromas/flavours will develop, how the texture will unravel?


Marry a rich (preferably old) heiress, fill up the cellar with Burgundian treasures and drink away.


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