Saturday, April 16, 2011

Duggan's #9 IPA

Duggan #9 IPA

Duggan's #9 India Pale Ale

Is it unthinkable that this wino also loves beer? Shouldn't be. Not when you're talking about one of the finest India Pale Ale's brewed in the new world. I first drank this beer at Le Select Bistro, with a lamb burger. And it's been on my mind ever since - about time the LCBO started stocking proper, Ontario-brewed craft beers.

Simply delicious. Few beers deserve to be served in a proper wine glass, and this is one of them - the bouquet is so amazingly fragrant. Persistent head of foam, beautifully thick like good whipping cream. Bright, bitter, and complex. Is it too much to call this the finest beer I've ever put in my mouth?

I drank loads of it tonight. Bottles and bottles . . . too bad it comes in a smaller 275 mL format. One of our dinner guests said he didn't care too much for it. Asshole. Childish palate. I should have given him a bib so he wouldn't make a mess on his cheap shirt. Asshole.


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