Monday, April 25, 2011

Until we see each other again...


Well, here we go again. It's time to get out of Toronto for a bit, see and experience some new things, get drunk in a foreign country. I didn't tell a lot of people I was going away. Yes, not even to most of my friends. I still really like you guys, and it's not like I didn't want to tell you, it's just . . . I didn't want to tell you. You know how little I think of the people who broadcast travel plans on Facebook, countdown and all. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're not preparing FOR A FUCKING SPACE FLIGHT!!

I'm going to Paris for a while. I've rented an apartment and consulted with a few locals - I'll try my best to blend in, visit some more obscure areas of the city. I've also arranged to spend 3 days in Champagne - Reims, where we'll be visiting several Champagne houses. My first visit to a proper European wine region, where I'll hopefully learn a lot and drink even more.

Excited. Really excited. Can you tell? The past few months have been a bit of a shitstorm, and I'm eager to escape for a bit. Camera, iPad, cigars, and walking boots. I think I'm ready.



  1. Very cool. I look forward to your missives about the wine and drinking.

  2. Looking forward to reports from Champagne! Have a safe and fun trip. ^_^