Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here we go...

I have to remind myself that I don't go on vacations. No, I go on cultural studies. Said with all sincerity because I didn't actually get to relax in Paris. Whatever. I'll relax when I lose imagination and start paying for resort trips.

Everyone's asking me how Paris was. Good? Great? How exactly do I answer? Does anyone ever say, I had a shitty time? Paris and Reims were a dream come true. I really did learn a lot of new things, gain a different insight into what it means to be French. We experienced major culture shock the first few days. We knew it was going to be different than Montreal; what I wasn't counting on was that while Montreal still remains Canadian, Paris is just so . . . Gallic.

Too many stories to share at once. Give me some time to process everything. Busy week right away, went on a work trip to Montreal not two days removed from stepping off the plane. Most crucial though - the hair. Finally whacked about two pounds worth of hair, after 6 months of refusing to go anywhere near scissors. Feels lighter, looks brighter.

Loved Parisians, and the people we met in Champagne. Many thanks to the wonderful hospitality you gave us . . . if ever you visit Canada, you'll always have a friend here. The flight over was relatively pleasant. Warm evening, busy at Pearson, but the sun was shining and I was so excited. Two movies and bottle of La Petite Forge (50/50 columbard and sauvignon blanc) later, we were at Paris CDG. Air Canada food has turned from simply poor to positively excremental.

Working through my photos, videos. Thank God for my iPad. Here we go again, and as our taxi set off from Paris CDG through some traffic, I was still feeling hesitant, a bit worried, even slightly stressed. But the minute I laid eyes on La Dame de Fer, and the Arc de Triomphe, all melted away . . . I was in fucking Paris.


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