Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tasting at Ployez-Jacquemart



NV Champagne Extra Quality Brut

Fairly typical nonvintage brut, showing citrussy, custardy fruit. Toasty, creamy, with a good freshness on the palate. Momentum drops off, and at 22.50€, you could be doing better.

2000 Extra Brut Vintage Blanc de Blancs

Creamy, rich nose, nutty with restrained fruit. Youthful, with an extracted palate. Very primary, needs time to integrate a bit more.

The cards showing the wines on release and their respective prices were a classy touch. About 8 or 9 wines listed . . . absolutely no indication that you'd be given a chance to taste any more than 2. But I was a bit silly to expect otherwise - they do run a B&B here. After a day of tasting Champagne, and another full bottle at lunch . . . I was completely wasted out of my mind. Collapsed into bed back at the hotel. Champagne coma.


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