Sunday, June 19, 2011

Up in smoke

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Ugh. Look at that ridiculous hair.

I find it outrageous that my cousin has been smoking cigarettes with his friends. And as for myself, well, this. I'm full of shit, but at least I don't pretend to be anyone's moral compass. You know what upsets me? When people smoke to get attention but really have no clue how to handle a cigar, making all the rest of us look like jackasses by association. Yeah, you're such a playboy, bragging about sucking on a $100 stick - get a grip.

It's all supposed to be a ritual, really. A private, contemplative ritual of cutting, lighting, and drawing out the essence of the smoke. We were sitting in the Jardin du Luxembourg and everyone was smoking something. The French apparently love pipes and hand-rolled cigarettes. So I had to fit in. My mother's banned me from showing this photo to anyone in my family. So naturally I'm sharing it here.


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