Monday, July 25, 2011

1998 Rioja Gran Reserva

1998 Hermanos Laredo Senorio de Laredo Gran Reserva

1998 Bodegas Hermanos Laredo Senorio de Laredo Gran Reserva, DOCa Rioja

Rioja over 10 years old is straight magic. Being a Gran Reserva doesn't necessarily have to be in reference to the amount of time spent in oak. This wine has all the purity, all the magic of old Rioja. And only 24 months of oak - a fair amount of time, relatively speaking, but just over the minimum oak aging requirement of 18 months for Gran Reservas. And depending on where in Rioja, that minimum can rise to 24 months, with the majority of producers exceeding that amount for their best wines.

This wine is fabulous. All crystalline minerality and dried red fruits, with that subtle vanilla perfume of old Rioja. Develops a roasted mocha aroma as well, with beautifully integrated oak. Fine and elegant, very long. Even shows more floral, more sweetness on the second day.

We'll end on a high note. No more Rioja until at least the fall.


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