Monday, July 4, 2011

2007 Ribera del Júcar


2007 Vega Moragana Viñas Viejas, DO Ribera del Júcar

It's time to get back to what DF does (or should do) best. I love my iPad but the camera is atrocious and can only do so much. After I returned from Paris, it just seemed that the most interesting wines in Vintages releases were all Spanish. Tempranillo, with bottle age, is one of the great treasures of the old world.

So many smaller regions of Spain breaking out and becoming more ambitious with what should be no more than simple country wines. But install some flashy marketing and what do you get? A typically overripe, over-macerated, and absolutely confected nightmare of a wine. Such a shame, that you lose the inherent quality and personality of a wine when all the while you're trying to make a name for yourself.

But I should have known better, what with Jay Miller raving about these wines. Should have known.


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