Saturday, July 30, 2011

2007 Sauternes

2007 Chateau Liot, Barsac

2007 Château Liot, AC Sauternes

We've been cooking and eating outdoors every week this summer and for one of those meals, I wanted to do a pair of sweet wines. I don't know anyone else who drinks sweet wines at all, much less with dinner, but as long as the wines have good amounts of acid, simple Chinese food and sweet wines go beautifully together. It's that juxtaposition of contrasting flavours, that spicy/sweet/acidic/savoury combination that somehow just manages to come together on the palate.

The first wine, a simple Sauternes from a vintage I'm very excited about. 2007 has all the sweetness and botrytis character, yet with an acidity and structure that will allow them to age wonderfully. Slightly chilled, this is already a deep golden colour, throwing off the slightest hints of orange. Bright nose of fresh ripe fruit, apricots and honey. Thick and lusciously sweet on the palate, with the high acid rushing in on the finish. Balanced and long, absolutely delicious. Very exciting indeed.


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