Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally reaching into the cellar

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It's been blazingly hot these past few days in Toronto, but I'm not complaining. After months and months of cold and snow, I'm not about to start moaning about some sun and heat. Except when it comes to my wine in storage of course. I owe my friend and her family endless thanks for giving me a wonderful space to store my wines. Every few months or so, I'm reminded that I buy too much wine, and it'll probably all go to shit when I finally decide to drink them. Good. So of course, in line with how the rest of my life's going, Vintages did its best to fuck with me and not bring in my 2008 Bordeaux Futures until this week. Because it's always fun and appropriate to ship and store Bordeaux in the dead heat of summer.

I had a few other boxes of wine I needed to put away, some 2009 Niagara wines. Just as important, there were a few bottles I wanted to pull out of the cellar, namely a few bottles of 2006 Le Clos Jordanne. I had bought bottles of nearly every cuvée they made that year, and as this vintage is aging quite rapidly in bottle, I wanted to drink them. The heat was roaring, but I managed. Seven bottles of 2006 Le Clos Jordanne, with a few Champagnes and old rieslings. Everytime I go I say to myself that I won't buy anymore wine. Running out of space, definitely running out of budget. You know that scene in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps when Louis Zabel calmly finishes eating his chips and then steps in front of the train? Maybe a bit too messy and attention-seeking for me. And it's such a shame to off yourself with a (gifted) bottle of Lafite in the cellar. End of August, it'll come soon enough.

Stay tuned, planning a dinner to show off the range of 2006 Le Clos Jordanne chardonnays and pinot noirs. Sort of like a last hurrah.



  1. You just got your 2008's must be dependant on where they're from? I got mine back in end of may, they were all from Pomerol

  2. I had a few lots from Pomerol too. I ordered it delivered to the biggest Vintages location in Toronto as well. The Sauternes I ordered last year didn't even take this long.