Sunday, July 31, 2011

learn to cook

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Love to cook. And I haven't been feeling inspired for many months now. That's a problem.

It's not so much that I don't have the equipment or whatever - it's more this lack of interest/motivation/inspiration to go out in search of fresh ingredients to cook with. You know I haven't been to a farmer's market yet this year. Not that I was ever really big into that whole thing, but it was nice when I was at least excited to go out on weekends to shop for food. Some good news coming up though . . . my aunt and cousin will be visiting from Tokyo in 10 days. And they're going to be bringing me some interesting things to cook. Yes, not just to eat, but to cook. Until they pass through customs intact, I think it'd be prudent to keep my mouth shut.

This is probably something really petty, but I can't stand when people call themselves/others chef. You're not a fucking chef. Neither is your friend. The word chef means chief/leader/boss, and in a kitchen, there is only one chef, who incidentally does very little cooking. Conceptualizing and creating the menu, yes. Leading the different stations, definitely. And giving each dish a final inspection, most certainly. So take a long, hard look at yourself if you call any idiot who picks up a spatula a chef.

If I was rich. I'd do culinary tour through Spain. Start in the north with the shellfish and squid and continue south with all the jamón ibérico of my fantasies. I'd come out with bad cholesterol and a fucking macerated liver but I'd be happy. And ready to die. One can dream.


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