Sunday, July 3, 2011

Since it grows together

10 yr Shaoxing wineabaloneorange

...then surely it must go together. The most amazing live abalone, gently poached in chicken broth, finished with a sauce reduced from its own juices, and sprinkled lightly with a layer of dried lake shrimp roe. Then, live striped prawns, arrived in the morning of from B.C. Quickly boiled, and served with a simple dipping sauce of soy, rice vinegar, coriander, and a touch of sesame oil. And what to drink with it all? Of course, nothing else but 10 year old Shaoxing wine.

So simply prepared it seems almost . . . too simple. But who was it that said, perfection is achieved not when you can no longer add anything else, but when you no longer can take anything away.


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