Thursday, August 25, 2011

1996 Oestricher Riesling

1996 Balthasar Ress Oestricher Riesling

1996 Balthasar Ress Riesling, QbA Oestricher, Rheingau

We got food poisoning last week, and the meal that did it included this wine. Now I'm in no way suggesting that this had anything to do with the puking and shitting. Or am I . . .

There's been some debate going on between new and old world riesling producers about what the famous petrol aromas in some wines represents. Some call it minerality, some call it the wonderful expression of maturity - others think of it as a fault, a consequence of shoddy winemaking practices. Not that it should matter. Some love oily rieslings reeking of petrol fumes, while others can't stand it. But it's no fun debating if it just comes down to oh, it's a matter of personal preference.

I don't mind a bit of diesel, but this one might have been a bit too much. It's been sitting in the cellar for about 2 years now; not a clue why I didn't pull the cork as soon as I bought it. Not deep in colour, was always a simple wine that should have been drunk early. More of curiosity now, with drying fruit, and a roaring cloud of petrol that covers everything. Oily wine, with the frozen frog legs, with fatty ham and chorizo . . . a recipe for disaster.


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