Sunday, August 14, 2011

2007 Bordeaux Blanc Sec

2007 R de Rieussec

2007 R de Rieussec, AC Bordeaux Blanc Sec

Our second wine. Same treatment as the last one . . . I just love to double decant. As you know, these Sauternes producers sometimes make a dry white wine from unbotrytised grapes, mostly sauvignon. They then name the wines by the first letter of their Sauternes label - R de Rieussec, G de Guiraud, Y de Yguem, etc. Somehow that's all so fascinating to me, so when I saw a dry white wine coming from such a highly sought after Sauternes producer, I rushed to BV, credit card in hand.

The five arrows depicting the Rothschild boys are a nice touch on the capsule. It's a pale wine, brimming full of energy. Pure sauvignon fruit, ripe and electric, so aromatic. Leaner on the palate, the acidity just cutting through everything and anything. Long and absolutely delicious.

These are just extraordinary wines. So many dry white wines are handled clumsily, with too much oak, too much alcohol, too many technical 'corrections'. And yet I'm loving these, these technical, modern wines. Now I'm all worked up. I need to visit Graves now.


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